Fanless Computer BX-100n Intel® Atom™ Processor N270


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Box-PC fanless, Atom processor N270 and a 945GSE chipset, suporta até 2 HDs SATA, 2 LAN, 5 portas RS-232, 1 porta RS-485 e 4 portas USB. Possui modelo com I/O, otimizado para sistemas de testes embarcados

BX-100n computador fanless com Intel® Atom™ Processor N270


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Built around the Intel® Atom™ Processor N270, CONTEC's BX100n fanless and slit-less PC is offered in two models. Featuring a HDD certified for operation over a wide range of temperatures, the Windows XP Professional-based model offers 2xRAID-enabled HDD slots and 5xRS232 ports, making it perfect for use as built-in server handling large volumes of data. The Windows Embedded-based model features multi-signal I/O and a spindle-less design, making it a good choice for use in inspection, testing, and measurement systems

Less than A4 Size Footprint

Space saving design contribute to the miniaturization of machine

Dimensions and weight of your machine will be reduced. Free from the constraints of install location, and it keeps expression of the design. The volume is almost 1/15 of standard middle tower/wall mount PC. (35mm [H] x 182mm [W] x 270mm [D]) Requires A4 size space of only 50mm gap. (vertical installation)smaller than one-fifth size of common middle tower PC

Contribution to Operationg Cost Reduction and Energy Saving

Intel® Atom™ processor based low-power consumption platform

Adopted Intel low-power platform Atom processor N270 and 945GSE chipset including Graphics Media Accelerator 950 gives sufficient performance with low power consumption.

Rodust and Reliable

Slit-less / Fan-less Design

Completely spindle-less design with CF card storage, without ventilation slits or CPU coolers. Not only free from dust and substance intrusion, but also use of long life parts largely reduces the maintenance check operation.

Flexible Expandability

Various kind of interfaces including Dual CF card slot

Features 4 x USB2.0, 2 x RS-232C, 2 x Gigabit LAN and 2 x CF cad slots. Includes installation locking clamps and metal fittings for securing USB cables and the CF card against accidental disconnections.


Wide Temperature HDD Model


For Built-in Data Server
Windows XP Professional, Wide temperature HDD

Easy to use Windows XP Professional preinstalled (Windows model). Adopted wide-temperature, round-the-clock 2.5" HDD secures large capacity data embedded into a machine. In addition, this model has 2 HDD slots for optional HDD, and it is possible to build RAID 1 (mirroring) system inside.

For Digital Signage
Supports Full-HD DVI output enabling high quality contents delivery

Equipped with DVI port supports full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) display. Ideal for Digital Sign, Digital Poster and Facility guidance with large size LCD monitors.


Adopted 40GB SATA HDD (wide temperature) supports mass contents including high resolution pictures and sounds. An additional HDD doubles the capacity easily.

Multifunction I/O Model


Test and Measurement System
Reduce total cost of test system
Equipped with standard Analog/Digital/Counter I/O

Functions of 3 kinds of interface boards are condensed into the small package. It performs various data acquisition and controlling such as Voltage measurement, position sensing, Voltage output and Dry contact output. Reduce cost of your test and measurement system.

  • AIO-163202F-PE compatible Analog I/O
  • CNT-3204MT-LPE compatible Pulse Input
  • DIO-1616L-PE compatible Isolated Digital I/O

PCI Express Cable port supports CONTEC's Expansion Chassis for PCI or PCIe. Up to 13 PCI / PCIe interface boards can be used. (Optional 1m CB-CE-1 cable for PCI Express Cable connection is available)

Robust and Reliable Slit-less / fan-less design Supports Windows Embedded Standard

Completely spindle-less design with CF card storage, without ventilation slits or CPU coolers. Not only free from dust and substance intrusion, but also use of long life parts largely reduces the maintenance check operation. Also, EWF function of Windows Embedded Standard enhances lifetime and reliability of CF card by avoiding needless data writings.

BX100n Specifications

Fan-less / Sllit-less
Low-Power PC Platform

Intel® Atom™ Processor N270
945GSE chipset
Graphics Media Accelerator 950

Automated Operation

Automatic start up
Resume By Alarm
Stars up by network control
Wake On LAN / Power On by Ring

Dual CF slots and Expantion I/F
Extend Peripherals in Safety

CF card slotsx2, USB2.0x4, RS-232Cx2, Gigabit LANx2
Metal fittings and clamps provided
to prevent accidental cable disconnection

Specifications (English)

Model Wide Temperature HDD Model
Multifunction I/O Model
OS Windows XP Professional Windows Embedded Standard
CPU Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (1.60GHz / FSB533MHz)
Chipset Intel® 945GSE + ICH7M-DH
System Memory 1GB (200pin SO-DIMM×1) PC2-4300 DDR2 SDRAM (up to 2GB)
Video Controller Intel® GMA950 (Built in Intel 945GSE Chipset)
  • 640×480
  • 800×600
  • 1,024×768
  • 1,152×864 *1
  • 1,280×600 *1
  • 1,280×720 *1
  • 1,280×768
  • 1,280×960 *1
  • 1,280×1,024
  • 1,360×768
  • 1,400×1,050
  • 1,600×900 *1
  • 1,600×1,200 *1
  • 1,856×1,392 *1
  • 1,920×1,080 *1
  • 1,920×1,200 *1
Color 16,770,000 colors (Max.)
Audio AC'97-compliant, LINE OUT x1, MIC IN x1
Storage IDE 2 ports (2 devices[Max.]) for CF CARD slot
SATA Serial ATA 1.0-compliant 2 ports (2 devices[max.]), Corresponding to RAID 0/RAID 1 for HDD mount -
Analog I/O equivalent to
AIO-163202F-PE *2
- Analog input: Single-end input 32ch, 16bit, 2μsec/ch(Max.)
Analog output: 2ch, 16bit, 10μsec(Max.)
Digital I/O: 8ch for each, LVTTL
Counter: 2ch, 32bit up counter, 10MHz(Max.)
Digital I/O equivalent to
DIO-1616L-PE *2
- Digital input: 16ch, Optocoupler isolated input 12 to 24VDC, Corresponding to current sink output
Digital output: 16ch, Optocoupler isolated open collector output, current sink output
Pulse Counter input equivalent to
CNT-3204MT-LPE *2
- 4ch, LVTTL, 32bit up/down countter, 10MHz(Max.)
2-phase / single-phase / single-phase input with gate control
LAN Intel® 82573L Controller
1000BASE-T *3 / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T×2 (Supports Wake On LAN)
USB 4ch (USB 2.0-compliant)
Serial Port RS-232C 5ch (Baud rate 50 - 115,200bps)
RS-422A/485 1ch (Baud rate 50 - 115,200bps)
RS-232C 2ch (Baud rate 50 - 115,200bps)
Hardware Monitor Monitoring CPU temperature, board temperature and power voltage
RAS Watch Dog Timer Software programmable, 255 level (1sec - 255 sec) RESET, interrupt or external output when time-up occurs Software programmable, 255 level (1sec - 255 sec), RESET when time-up occurs
Remote Reset Input signal from external -
RTC/CMOS Real time clock precision error: within ±3 minutes per month (25°C)
Lithium backup battery life: 10 years or more (Built in ICH7M-DH)
Power Management Power management setting in BIOS, Power On by Ring/Wake On LAN Supports PC98/PC99 ACPI Power management
Interface Video 1 Port (29pin DVI-I Connector), bundled DVI-Analog RGB adapter
Audio LINE out: φ3.5 Stereo mini jack, Full-scale output level 1.5Vrms(Typ.), Dual 50mW Amplifier
MIC in: φ3.5 Stereo mini jack, Full-scale input level 1.3Vrms(Typ.)
CF CARD Slot 2 Slots (CF1/CF2), CF CARD Type I, Bootable 2 Slots (CF1/CF2), CF CARD Type I, Bootable
Installed one CF CARD(2GB, 1Pattition) on CF1 slot.*4
HDD Slot 2 Slots (HDD1/HDD2) for 2.5 inch SATA hard drive, Slot-in system Installed HDD(40GB, 1Pattition) on HDD1 slot. -
LAN 2 Ports (RJ-45 connector)
USB 4 Ports (A-TYPE connector)
RS-232C 5 ch (9pin D-SUB connector [male]) 2 ch (9pin D-SUB connector [male])
Generalpurpose I/O / RAS
1 ch (15pin D-SUB connector [female]) -
PCI Express 1 port (18pin PCI Express External Cabling), PCI Express 1.0a(x1)-compliant
Analog I/O equivalent to
- 1 port (96pin harf pitch connector)
Digital I/O equivalent to
DIO-1616L-PE *4*2
- 1 port (37pin D-SUB connector [female])
Pulse Counter input equivalent
to CNT-3204MT-LPE*2
- 1 port (68pin 0.8mm itch connector)
Power Supply Input Voltage/th> 12 - 24VDC *5
Absolute maximum rating 10.8 - 31.2VDC
Power Consumption 12V 4.0A (Max.)
24V 1.9A (Max.)
12V 4.0A (Max.)
24V 2.0A (Max.)
External device
power capacity
CF CARD Slot : +3.3VDC 1A(500mA x2)
USB I/F: +5VDC 2A(500mA x4)
Dimensions (mm) 182(W) x 270(D) x 35(H) (Exclusive of protrusions)
Weight Non-HDD: Approx. 2.2kg
Installed One-HDD: Approx. 2.3kg, Two-HDD: Approx. 2.4kg
Approx. 2.1kg
Operating Temperature *6 0 to 45°C *3 0 to 50°C *3
Storage Temperature -10 to 60°C
Humidity 10 to 90%RH (no condensation)
Floating Dust Particles Normal
Corrosive Gases None
Noise Resistance Line-noise AC Line:±2kV *7
Signal Line:±1kV (IEC61000-4-4 Level 3,EN61000-4-4 Level 3)
Atmospheric discharge Contact discharge:±4kV (IEC61000-4-2 Level 2,EN61000-4-2 Level 2)
Atmospheric Discharge:±8kV (IEC61000-4-2 Level 3,EN61000-4-2 Level 3)
Vibration Resistance Sweep Resistance 10 to 57Hz: 0.5G 25min. each in x, y and z directions (JIS C60068-2-6-compliant)
10 - 57Hz / semi-amplitude 0.15mm, 57 - 150Hz / 2.0G 40min. each in x, y and z directions (JIS C60068-2-6-compliant, IEC60068-2-6-compliant
10 - 57Hz / semi-amplitude 0.15mm, 57 - 150Hz / 2.0G 40min. each in x, y and z directions (JIS C60068-2-6-compliant, IEC60068-2-6-compliant)
Impact Resistance 10G half-sine shock for 11ms in x, y, and z directions
(JIS C60068-2-27-compliant, IEC60068-2-27-compliant)
Grounding Class D grounding (previous class 3 grounding), SG-FG:Connected
Those resolusion cannot be configured with the analog RGB output.
Please refer the User's Manuals for each expansion board maded by CONTEC.
The operating temperature is from 0 to 45°C when you use the 1000BASE-T.
The capacity of CF is a value when 1GB is calculated by 1 billion bytes. The capacity that can be recognized from OS might be displayed fewer than an actual value.
Use a power cable shorter than 3m.
Please refer to chapter3 "Installation Requirements" on the User's Manual if you need to know more detail.
This value comes with AC adapter LDA100W-24-SN or LDA100W-12-SN made by COSEL.



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